Relearnign WordPress

It used to be so simple.

Create a new WordPress install, add one of the themes, and they were simple to adjust, manipulate, and adapt.

Now. Not so much. H’m playing with Hello, and Elementor was supposed to make it easier, not so much. I just want to be able to easily structure the blog page and add some static pages for particular purposes. Nothing major, but man. Seems you now need a degree in coding and CSS to make these things work correctly.


A hard lesson

This image reflects a rather challenging set of life lessons regarding conflict. So often, when we engage in some kind of dispute, we center our argument on only our own thoughts and issues. Being able to understand and articulate the perspective of someone with whom we are having conflict typically means we are more invested in our own perspective than resolving the issue. It’s a hard lesson to learn.

Similarly, when we hear others speak of their conflicts, when they are always the victim and never able to fully articulate their role beyond “I really don’t know…” we should be suspicious of them. Not only of how they “do” conflict but what they expect from us by sharing their one-sided narratives.

Owing our stuff is hard. It’s an ongoing human development process. But when we can and do own our role in whatever conflicts we find ourselves in, we are a lot closer to resolution than when we are all about shame and blame.

Guess whose back?

It’s been a while. I finally had to drop Bluehost, after they messed up my domain and sight so many times it was unbelievable. Also, their bait and switch pricing plans were a bit too much for me to deal with anymore. That said, years of blogging, writing, images, and data were lost because my sight kept getting hacked and having viruses. By the time I realized what was going on, my WordPress install was gone. There were years of posts on that install and they were unrecoverable. 

Ultimately, what Bluehost wanted was to upsell me on a plan that included “security” – but after shopping around, I found several hosting sites that cost less and include security as part of the package. That’s become their routine – get you in at some tier that lasts a few years, raise the price radically on that tier when it’s time to renew, and try to upsell you around every corner. The worst part was that they used to have stellar support, but now, not so much. Support has been non-existent, non-responsive, and utterly unhelpful. 

So I’ve moved to SetraHost and am happy. They are well priced, support is timely, they include security, and are transparent as all get out re: how things work. It took a while for me to narrow down my options. I did so based on responsiveness, transparency, reviews, and cost. Happy to be where I am and happy to be back around. Just wish I still had all of my old posts and data.